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Ron Risman




 About me

I became fascinated with storytelling when I was in high-school, and one of the first stories on video I ever captured was the story of my grandparents.  My grandmother's 80th birthday was coming up, so I shot footage for over six months visiting the places she both grew up, interviewing any of her neighbors that were still living there, filming the farm that my she used to spend time at, and interviewing all of her siblings and children.   Trying to edit video back then wasn't easy. Everything was all done with VCR's, and syncing audio between a cassette recorder and a VCR took hours and hours to get right.   It was my first real project, and one that has taught me so much about storytelling.

My passion is storytelling - through photography and filmmaking.  As a cinematographer, photographer, and timelapse specialist I give 150% to every project.  In the past couple of years I have been fortunate to have received two WEVA International Creative Excellence Awards and continuously strive to exceed the expectations of my clients as well as my own.


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