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Land Rover - "Bridges to the Stars"

Bridges to the Stars is a film produced by Land Rover as part of their "Discover the Undiscovered" series.   The series  highlight the many ways their new Land Rover Discovery Sport is being put to use.    In May I traveled to southern Utah to capture timelapses for this film which tells the story of three friends - a photographer, an astronomer, and an adventurer as they pack up and head out to southern Utah to experience the night sky in all of its glory.   


While many timelapses were captured and used throughout the short film, the main focus was to capture the Land Rover under the night sky.   Once the clouds broke that evening I focused on two types of shots:  A 3/4 composition that would allow the night sky to reflect off the windshield and hood, and another to capture the Milkyway as it passed overheard as seen through the moon roof of the SUV.      


The shot through the Panoramic moon roof was the most technical to pull off as it required the use of a camera that could "see" through the tint of the vehicle and capture the sky above.    The camera sent its signal wirelessly to a monitor outside of the vehicle, which allowed me to find the best composition and fire off test shots to show the client.   The initial setup for that shot was about 20 minutes, and the camera was set to capture all the way through until sunrise.  

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