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Ron Risman




Michele Mottola Special Events Consulting

This commercial time lapse film was produced for Boston Event Consultant, Michele Mottola, who's team transformed the Rose Kennedy Ballroom at the Intercontinental Hotel in Boston.  A time lapse film of a transformation is quite boring unless you make it personal, so we also captured the entire reception with over 20 time lapses in order to bring the transformation full circle.

As with most any art form when the artist has done their job right the end result just works. Perfection often goes unnoticed, whereas imperfections stand out like a sore thumb. So when Boston’s top event consultant, Michele Mottola, contacted me about creating a time lapse piece to show off the transformation that she was about to create in the ballroom at Boston’s Intercontinental Hotel, Ijumped at the opportunity, and we’re glad she did as well.

The InterContinental Ballroom is a big space and the transformation she was about to orchestrate included an all white motif with accent colors added by light and flowers. The transformation took place over a 39 hour period and included the installation of a rain chandelier over the bar area, the installation of white wall-to-wall carpeting, white drapes covering all the walls, an acrylic dance floor, a 60′ dessert bar, all white chairs including two s-curve chaise lounges, and beautiful floral and table designs to complete the transformation.

From past experience I knew that in order to create a film that showcased the transformation I needed to capture the energy that she was creating and not just the technical aspects of the transformation. So this became a multi-timelapse project.  I set up a battery powered camera high up on a window that was able to capture all 39 hours of both the set up and the event without the use of any external power cords. Knowing that the room was going to be all white and the windows would be dark, I transformed the normally beige camera housing into a black housing overnight to make sure it would go unnoticed against the window.

That camera was set to capture images every 30 seconds for the full 39 hour timelapse (Over 4600 still images). I also attended the wedding reception in order to capture time lapses that were more intimate and that helped to better tell the story and capture the energy that Michele created with her transformation. In total I captured over 20 time lapses throughout the evening that I was able to combine with the static camera to create this promotional film for Michele.

As a cinematographer and time lapse specialist I am always looking for better ways to tell a story. Going above and beyond what the client expects is an important part of what I do, and is the best way to create happy customers.

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