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John Pomp Studios - Artist Film

John Pomp is a craftsman, glass blower, and lighting designer.  John Pomp Studios is located in Philiadelphia, but his work can be found in showrooms around the country.


Glass blowing is such a beautiful art form and our goal was to capture the process, intensity, and craftsmanship of John Pomp and his team.  Audio was a bit more challenging as the heaters that keep the glass at 2000 degrees made an incredible amount of noise. We captured audio using three separate audio recorders as well as a lav mic that we hid from sight.

In order to capture the feel and intensity of this art form, we decided not to use any music in the edit, opting instead to create a rhythm using the sounds from the environment. To do this we needed to have microphones everywhere - under the metal tables, on top of tables, near the ovens, on John Pomp, and on the cameras. The ovens are very loud, but after some testing we found placements and settings that allowed us to capture exactly what we needed, and ultimately create a film that hit our goal.


This piece went on to win another WEVA International Creative Excellence Award in the commercial production category.

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