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A Love Letter to the Night Sky

A Love Letter to the Night Sky was created as my way of saying thank you to all of the areas of this country where we can still see the stars above, and to share the feeling I have while I sit out under the night sky while capturing its beauty. Once the sun goes down that's my time to shoot - from moon rises and moon sets to the movement of the stars and planets as our earth rotates.

Ever since falling in love with night-sky photography I have seen a remarkable change in the types of locations that I feel connected to. I was recently out in Las Vegas leading workshops and sessions at a conference. I love educating others, but once my sessions were over I couldn't wait to get out of Vegas. The congestion, noise and light pollution made me feel as if I was being trampled by people, noise, and flashing lights. I couldn’t think and it felt suffocating and stressful. I was surprised at how it affected me since I used to be a person that enjoyed that experience. I have been to Las Vegas well over 40 times in my lifetime and I used to think that it energized me. That is how profound the change has been for me ever since discovering the night sky.

4 years ago I created my first "Love Letter" film titled "Love Letter to Moab" to show my appreciation for the beautiful landscapes and dark skies of Moab, Utah - an amazing location that is now my home away from home while teaching my spring night-sky workshops. This May will mark my 6th year teaching in this beautiful location. During the past six years I have also expanded outward to lead workshops in other dark-sky locations including Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Kanab, Bryce Canyon, and the Wind River area of Wyoming. And I will continue expanding locations in order to showcase the beauty of this country when combined with the light from the night sky.

As a photographer and educator it is a privilege for me to be able to put together a remarkable night sky experience for photographers from all over the world, and to watch them as they continue capturing the night sky long after the workshop has ended. Many of these photographers come back annually in order to rekindle that connection with our night skies, and that in itself is success for me.

I hope others will join me at one of my upcoming dark-sky photography & time lapse workshops for an educational experience they will never forget. These workshops are a place where you'll learn to capture and create breathtaking time lapse films, while connecting to the night sky and to other photographers who share the same passion for astrophotography and time lapse. You can get more information at

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